Starting a business is hard!

Whether you're just getting started or a few years down the road,

I'm here to help.

I can help.

I've built, bought and sold several companies. It's hard work.

Co-founder and CEO

Bootstrapped drag & drop website platform from zero to $2M ARR before exit.

Founder and CEO

Bootstrapped B2B2C Fintec platform from zero to $400MM in contract volume.

Shoot & Share

Founder and CEO

Bootstrapped B2B2C community marketplace for photographers from zero to $7.5MM ARR before exit.

Warm Welcome

Founder and CEO

Bootstrapped B2B video communication platform to 10,000+ users.


Andrew is like my second brother. I hired him when he was 16 and he became the best community builder I know. He's a guy with a big heart and a rare ability to lead a very large community. He helped transorm the photography industry from a very self-focused celebrity driven to one where photographers could be focused on serving other people.


Papa Jeff. Professor Jeff.

This little box is not enough space. Jeff taught me the strategy and mechanics of community as a business growth tool and this is what I used to grow all of my companies. He invested in me like a son and the lessons he has taught me over many Pictage dinners and Fight Clubs will go with me and get passed on to the next generation.

Your network

is your net worth.

The world is constantly changing and I definitely don't pretend to know everything. I'm incredibly thankful for the people who have been on my team. Without them nothing would have been created.


My beautiful wife.

She has stood by me and loved me through a lot of turbulent years. Her wisdom is beyond measure and I couldn't be more thankful for anyone in my life. God knew it wasn't good for man to be alone and I'm glad I waited for this perfect little gem he had saved for me.


The best man in my wedding and one of the most talented and brilliant people I have ever worked with. Michael's ability to think through a problem and come up with solutions is unmatched, but his friendship, loyalty and character are what truly set him apart as one of the finest human beings on this planet.


I hired Brennan as a part time consultant and within 18 months he become the CEO over all of my companies! He was think the linchpin in helping clean them up and get them acquired. He's a rare breed of CFO/COO who can also think creatively and strategically and a great guy on every level.

Todd and I were childhood friends and he was working at a summer camp when I asked if he could build some software for me. He said he thought he could make $10k on it and now he has a $10MM business!

He pulled a Peter on me during the woke cancel culture days, which was disheartening, but I owe a lot to him for taking a risk and being a great business partner.


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